Neurology Second Opinion Program

Having a second opinion is a valuable resource when you or a loved one is faced with treating a neurological condition or when treatment has not been effective. Second opinions are common throughout the health care industry and are frequently utilized by treating physicians to assist in providing the best care possible for their patients from medical experts.

The neurologists at Neurological Associates of West Los Angeles provide second opinions on neurological conditions and neurosurgery. Our physicians are dedicated to providing high quality and personalized second opinions for difficult neurological cases and some are Qualified Medical Evaluators (QME’s).

Comprehensive Neurological Second Opinions

Whether you are a patient, represent an insurance company or an injured worker, requesting an initial consultation for a second opinion is easy. Simply contact one of our nurse coordinators who can help you determine what services and forms are needed, and who will arrange your appointment.  To request a consultation for a second opinion please contact our office at 310-829-5968 or email us.

When requesting a second opinion it is necessary for our neurologists to get a complete medical history, so they request that you obtain all medical records from your treating physician and any other physicians related to your condition prior to your appointment and bring them to your consultation.

Your Neurology Consultation

During your medical consultation your neurologist will review your records and your condition and discuss appropriate treatment options. He/she will discuss your original diagnosis, recommended procedures, and the available treatment options. He/she will also provide a written recommendation regarding your treatment plans or options based on the information provided by you, the review of your medical records and your current treating physician.

Medical Legal Review

Some of our neurologists are Qualified Medical Evaluators and are often hired to provide second opinions and offer expert witness testimony on a variety of medical conditions. They provide independent expert opinions and reports at the request of third parties as arranged. For information on obtaining a second opinion for a medical legal review please contact our office at 310-829-5968 or email us.