Praise For Dr. Jordan

Dear Dr. Jordan,

I just wanted to “thank you” for your kindness and ONLY solution to my headaches!! The nerve block was 100% effective and I am feeling like a new person! You have made a huge difference   (Read more …) in my life! I can’t begin to express how grateful I am. You are such an outstanding doctor I am so appreciative.

- Barbara M.

Dear Dr. Jordan,

Thank you doesn’t properly express my gratitude for all that you have done for me. The keen interest that you have taken in my case truly shows your passion for medicine.  Your initiative to take on challenging cases   (Read more …)with a positive attitude and persistence to succeed is rare. You are an inspiration to me and are constantly reminding me of why I want to go into the medical field. There is still a place for quality medicine and physicians.

- Patricia Ann L.

(Dr. Jordan’s patients rave about his wonderful staff, as well:)

Dear Nelo,

I wanted to thank you for your many kindnesses, your amazing skills and the compassion you showed me during treatment. I truly appreciated your attentive spirit, your assistance and your support   (Read more …)during treatment and I am grateful for everything you did for me.

Sincerely, E.  Katz

(Dr. Jordan’s patients rave about his wonderful staff, as well:)

Dear Xavier,

I often think of your compassionate care and sympathetic ear you lent me during my treatment and wanted to say “Thank You”.
  (

With gratitude,
E.  Katz